For more than 30 years, Sound Choice® has provided the soundtrack for American karaoke entertainment. Now, America's Favorite Karaoke Brand is at the leading edge of a revolution in mobile entertainment.

Our Services

Karaoke, trivia, pub games—yes, we do all of those, and more. But our services go well beyond everyday mobile entertainment. We offer our clients premium patron engagement, innovative customer insights, access to deeply discounted first-class sound and video equipment, national booking, and first-rate talent, all wrapped in a top-quality entertainment experience that keeps patrons coming back, night after night.

We create "regulars."

Regardless of the event, show, or contest, we use modern social-media and technology engagement to get patrons in the door and involved in the show in ways that independent operators just can't match. This means greater levels of participation, longer periods of attendance, and higher patron spend. Our goal is to create meaningful patron experiences that translate into long-term repeat customers—"regulars."

We know your patrons.

Our process gives patrons strong incentives to engage with the show both electronically and in real life. This allows us to collect key data about your customers— data that will allow you to microtarget your patrons with specials, rewards, and other tools that keep them coming back and spending money at your venue. Best of all, our social media and long-term tracking tools allow us to identify and microtarget a patron even if he or she is at your venue for the very first time.

We know how to have fun.

The core of every SCE show is the entertainment value we bring. We're already the worldwide leader in karaoke—Sound Choice® is the top karaoke brand in North America and has been for more than two decades. We're also the exclusive worldwide distributor of Game Choice, a suite of pub games that includes bingo, trivia, and many more road-tested crowd-pleasers. And we have access to a roster of more than 500 professional operators across the U.S. and Canada. When you book shows with us, you know you're getting the best.

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Whether you're the entertainment director for a large chain looking for a multi-store entertainment plan, an independent bar looking for weekly entertainment for your slow night, or an individual looking for entertainment for your private party, we're here to help.

No project is too large or too small for us to handle. When you hire us, you get fully licensed content, professional service, and premium execution.

Because every situation is different, our entertainment consultants will be happy to discuss your needs and your budget and deliver a solution tailored to you.


Talent Center

The core of our services business is the on-mic talent that runs our shows.
And we're always looking for talented entertainers to join our ranks.

We're still building out our online Talent Center—it's going to be amazing—but until then we've got some important information and offers for you.

Free Music Offer

Are you a mobile DJ who's looking to add karaoke as an option for your clients? It can be hard to justify making a major investment in quality karaoke music when you don't know if you can get the gigs. We might have a better way.

If you qualify, we can provide you with the music needed to run a high-quality karaoke show: The 6,000+ track Sound Choice® GEM series, plus access to select other titles from our enormous library. There's no up-front charge—just a per-show booking fee that depends on the market and the frequency of use— plus a promise to provide a brief write-up and a couple of photos from each show.

On top of that, you get access to our marketing and research tools, as well as featured listings on our various show sites.

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Deep Discounts on Equipment

Through a special arrangement with 3-2-1 Spotlight, we can offer you deep discounts on premium-quality sound equipment from brands you know, like Electro-Voice. Our affiliated talent, which includes all Sound Choice licensees in good standing, plus our direct affiliates, can buy equipment at prices so low that we can't legally advertise them. If you're interested in saving money, just call our Operations Center at (210) 305-4929 or email for more details.

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About Sound Choice Entertainment

Headquartered in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, Texas, SCE's primary operations center is in San Antonio, and we maintain a satellite sales office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our entertainment operations extend from coast to coast, plus seasonal engagements in Alaska. With more than 500 affiliated professionals, we can service any gig, anywhere.

Sound Choice Entertainment is a subsidiary of Phoenix Entertainment Partners.

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